Famous Steel Bridges Around the World

Metal is the rave these days when it comes to durable construction and design. This is especially true when building huge structures, such as skyscrapers and industrial establishments. But, why is it the preferred material by modern architects and engineers? It has impressive properties that can benefit both the contractors and their clients. For example, it is lightweight and can be fabricated in various shapes. Moreover, it is resistant to termites, rust, and different weather conditions. With these attributes, there is no question about its superiority in strength and endurance. That is probably why stainless steel has always been a primary component in developing bridges such as some of the most famous ones.

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Golden Gate Suspension Bridge – During 1933, the construction of this famous structure is considered as a colossal undertaking. That is because it measures 42,000 feet and with back towers that stands 746 feet. Its design, a hybrid cantilever and suspension bridge, was created by Chief Engineer Joseph Strauss.

Forth Rail Bridge – This amazing creation extends from Edinburgh and Fife at more than 2,500 metres. Aside from connecting the two areas, it is also known as a major landmark in Scotland and was even considered as the longest cantilever bridge in the world until 1917. The two designers behind it were Sir Benjamin Baker and Sir John Fowler.

Eitabashi Bridge – Regarded as the “long reign bridge” in Tokyo, it runs along the Sumida River and was built after the earthquake in 1923. In creating the structure, high tensile steel were used, as it is believed to be able to withstand tremors.

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Sydney Harbour Bridge – Also known as the “coat hanger” because of its design, this framework was done by Dorman Long and Co. Ltd. To the rest of the world, it is branded as the widest long-span bridge and has the tallest steel arch that measures 134 metres. Additionally, it allows bicycles, pedestrians, and even rails to pass through.

Aside from these, there are more steel works that connect one place to another, most of which having amazing and fascinating designs. That should come as no surprise since metal is now becoming easier to fabricate to suit an architect’s dream layout. So, for all steelwork needs, get in touch with Briton Fabricators right away.

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